About red

Red is an open source Discord bot powered by discord.py
By default it includes fun general commands, audio playback, moderation features, trivia, slot machines and much more!
Being fully modular, it also allows for the installation of 3rd party plugins, called cogs, made by our active community, most of which are listed here

About cogs

Cogs are what makes Red unique among other bots: they provide an almost endless amount of additional functionalitie
If you think of something you want Red to do there is probably a cog for it. Or at least one is in the making :)
This website was made to help users find new and interesting cogs for their own instance of Red


Repositories are split into 3 main categories:

  Repositories that have been screened and approved by staff. High quality and support can be expected
  Repositories that went through the approval process and contain cogs that are at least expected to be working
  Repositories that haven't been screened. Quality / safety not guaranteed.

Despite the above categories each cog creator is responsible for the content of their own repository.
The staff of Red and its community have no responsibilty for any potential damage caused by third party repositories.